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MICKAN looks back on more than 50 years of company history. From the start we have been combining tradition with vision and future.

In 1961 Hermann Mickan together with his wife Charlotte took over an Amberg construction company and thus laid the cornerstone for our success story. The then family business with 20 employees specialized in shell and concrete construction work.

In 1972 their son, Dietrich Mickan, took over the parental business gradually expanding with great success the spectrum of construction services towards the present full-service provider and one of the largest construction company in our region. The continuous expansion contributed to this growth, which led to several locations in Bavaria, Rheinland-Pfalz and Hessen.

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Since 2011 MICKAN belongs to the Possehl Group which is based in Lübeck, a tradition-conscious business oriented towards small and medium-sized enterprises. The sole proprietor of this group is the charitable Possehl foundation.

Today MICKAN is one of the leading construction companies in our region, creating ambitious projects in the private, public and business sector and provides almost 350 employees with a secure workplace.

Tradition plays an essential role in our business, but the future is at least of the same importance. We combine old with new by conserving and expanding healthy and stable structures and unite them with focus on the changes of the market and customer needs.

Bauunternehmen Mickan Amberg - Gebäude
Bauunternehmen Mickan Amberg - Gebäude


MICKAN Generalbau­gesellschaft
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