We count on our employees



Mickan Bau - Bauunternehmen Amberg TeamAs a mid-size business MICKAN with its employees is there for you on a daily basis. These employees are our most important resource and their wellbeing and also their capability are very important to us. For this reason our climate is formed by appreciation and job security for our employees.

Our personnel policy aims to create long-term commitments to our company and to promote personalized development of our individual employees. In this regard, we invest much in our “offspring” and take our educational mandate seriously. Approx 90% of our apprentices stay with us and continue their career at MICKAN.

We appreciate the fresh breeze that the university graduates bring to our business as much as the experience and loyalty of our long-time employees.

Regular advanced trainings make sure that our knowledge and know-how grows steadily and is always up-to-date.





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